Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dinner from the Garden

Watch out Mekong, I think I have finally managed to make tofu as crispy and delicious as yours.  It took some drying (used clean dish towels since I don't buy paper towels), and then I sliced the block of tofu into four lengthwise sections.  Cut each section into four triangles and tossed in a pan with olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper.

I made fresh basil pesto using this recipe and put it on the tofu.  I diced up a cucumber and tomato from the garden and poured a homemade balsamic vinaigrette with fresh parsley over it.  Growing your own food and eating it is fun!

With the leftover pesto, you can freeze it, and use it over Trader Joe's Gnocchi, which we had for dinner later this week.  Or you can make pesto quesadillas, using tortillas, tomatoes, spinach, cheese and pesto.  They rule and are plain, simple and thrifty, my friends.

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