Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Maternity Shoot

This past weekend I got to take my first belly photos.  I had a lovely subject and got to document the henna art of Colleen Heller.  I also started a photography class last night at the Cultural Arts Center to get a refresher on aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc since I apparently haven't retained the technical info I learned almost 17 years ago in my very first high school class.  I think my shots are missing some depth of field and I would like more bokeh in the background of my portraits. My teacher helped me realize that I had accidently set my camera to overexpose my shots.  Whoops.  I still am pleased with the results, and am grateful to further my photography experience with patient, beautiful souls.

My next portraits will hopefully be accompanied by an external flash (with a white piece of cardstock taped to the top of it, to extend the light even further) to really make eyes POP!  I may also get a reflector, not to mention the lens I'm lusting for, but maybe for Christmas.  Did I mention photography is an expensive hobby? But, I guess really any hobby is and it's worth it to feel fulfilled.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My first Senior Portraits

I had the privilege of taking my niece's senior portraits this past Labor Day weekend.  I've known her since she was six, so to have the opportunity to watch her grow, mature and blossom into this lovely, kind, and funny young woman over the past twelve years has been an absolute joy.

She wanted the pictures taken at Fishing Bay, which is a place that is very special to all of our family and where we all spend most of our summers. The home on the Piankatank River was her great-grandfather's and has watched many a child grow and explore the natural surroundings, while becoming enchanted by the calming waters.

Her friend, Christie, who has been coming every summer since 4th grade, also asked me to do her portraits.  I had fun watching them get dressed up, pose, laugh, and remember the excitement and fear I felt seventeen years ago, when I was about to embark upon my final year of high school.