Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recycled Paper Mache Birds

With age, I've grown to appreciate bird watching.  I find these creatures interesting and joyful.  This guy was made by balling up and reshaping a paper grocery bag, then securing it with duct tape.  The paste was made from cornstarch, sugar, boiling water, and several drops of preservative oil.  I used eucalyptus oil, but tea tree oil would work, too. I coated old magazine pages in the paste, and let it dry for a few days.  Then a white paint base coat was added.  Then decorating it with my favorite color was fun!  I then used an old coat hanger and pliers to shape the feet, that were then inserted into the body.
This baby bird was made by using a cardboard armature, and then coating magazine pages in the paste and procedures listed above.  I plan on drilling a hole through it and hang it with a beaded string.  My kids love these birds and enjoyed playing with them even before they were painted.  My son told me he *really* liked it which is all that really matters.  This and the next craft come from a cool book called Green Guide for Artists.

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