Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recycled Milk/OJ Carton Coin Purse

I love crafts involving recycled materials.  I stumbled across a cool blog called Connect the Dots , in search of  eco-friendly crafts and found their tutorial on how to make recycled milk/oj/soy carton coin purses. My son is always looking for something to carry his "monies" in, so I thought this would be a nice starter wallet.

It's pretty easy to make, though the first few steps had me challenged spatially, it was good for my brain.  I was going to really have to dig to find my exacto knife, so I just used scissors.  Some of the edges are more jagged than I'd like, but it's still cool.  Since making the first change purse, I've started using an exacto knife, and what a difference it makes!

I used a Trader Joe's OJ container and I really like the way the back of the coin purse looks.  Part of the fun is exploring various carton options, but make sure it has a cap.  I was pretty excited to use my 365 Milk Cartons with the cool cow image, but alas, no cap.  Bummer.  I made one for a friend, and she enjoys the attention her coin holder gets.  Pretty sweet!  Just make sure you wash and dry your carton well.

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